Get this Limited Edition Crystal Star Earrings by Wealth Club and get + 15,000 Wealth Club Credits to play at our Wealth Club. /得到这个限量版水晶星星耳环在Wealth Club和十五千Wealth Club信用积分在我们的Wealth Club.


Buy this and collect from any of our Wealth Club branches nationwide. /购买并从全国任何一家Wealth Club分行领取。


Only 100 units are available. / 只有100个单位可供选择


Made in China./ 中国制造

Limited Edition Crystal Star Earrings /限量版水晶星星耳环

Pick Up Options / 拾取选项
  • Returns and Refunds are not allowed unless the following:

    1. Item has not been collected more than 28 days from purchase./ 商品在购买后28天内末受到

    2. Wealth Club Credit Points have been redeemed. /Wealth Club 信用积分已兑换。



  • All orders are to be collected by the customer at Wealth Club branches./所有订单均由Wealth Club分行的客户收取。

    Delivery is not available. / 交货不可用

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